Energizing the Organs

by DrJahnke on December 3, 2015

Energizing the Organs is typical to all Medical Qigong, and directly linked to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. Energizing the Organs directs Qi and intention to strengthen key organs related to cancer — Liver, Kidney, Spleen; it calms the Heart, deepens breath and Lung function and soothes the nervous system.

Place the hands over the lower edge of the ribs, near the front side of the body. Beneath the right hand is the liver, the gall bladder, and the upper right hand portion of the large intestines. Beneath the left hand are the spleen, the pancreas, the stomach, and upper left hand portion of the large intestines. Rub the open palm against the surface of the body in a circular motion. Eventually you will begin to feel warmth or perhaps a tingly sensation.

Energizing Organs

Then hold your hands still and feel the warmth penetrating the surface of the body and mi- grating to the organs. Allow your breath to be full and luxurious. Think a moment about how these organs have faithfully served you for your entire life. Imagine sending your gratitude to them on your exhalation. Move your hands so that one is over the sternum and the other is over the navel. Again rub in a circular motion and build up warmth. Stop and hold the hands still, sensing the warmth and gratitude to the heart, lungs, thymus gland. Take your time.

Finally allow your hands to move to the lower back. Build up warmth by rubbing the hands up the back. Allow the inner benefit of your smile of appreciation to travel to the kidneys and the adrenals, considered in Chinese medicine to be the dwelling place of essential life energies. Imagine their delight at having received your gratitude and acknowledgement after all of these years. Complete by bringing both hands to the front, to rest on the belly just below the navel. Remain for a moment longer in a state of deep rest. Allow the mind to be free.


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