In the 1600’s the social, scientific and philosophical history of western culture experienced a radical shift. The work of Newton and Galileo revised our world. For thousands of years, humans were locked in the stagnation of the Dark Ages, with little advance since fire, the wheel and the sword. Then, in less than the life span of an oak tree, tremendous and sudden evolution occurred with the rapid development of engineering, the automobile and antibiotics.

Western culture is poised at the edge of another profound and dramatic transformation. For the last 400 years we have understood that the world was a dynamic interrelationship of substances, particles and bodies. Now, through the most refined scientific inquiry, it has become clear that there is no substance. What we thought was substance has been revealed as a dynamic interrelationship of energies. Physics is redefining time and space and generating new sciences of resonance and energy fields. There is even emerging agreement on a theory that suggests that there are more than three dimensions of space and one of time.

Asian philosophies and the ancient personal transformation traditions of the pre-colonial, original cultures have always held that the world we experience through our senses is but a fragment of what is. An individual’s energy field is proposed to be the essence of one’s being, rather than a physical body. As western science frees itself from its “seeing is believing” position, what occurs is a validation of ideas and traditions that were called “mysterious,” “savage,” “unscientific,” and “primitive” as little as a decade ago. As we now use science to explain the “why” and the “how” of the mysterious, unusual arts and disciplines are revealed as practical and meaningful.


The medicine of the Asian cultures, which once seemed so unsophisticated by our scientific standards, is now licensed as primary medical care in a number of states and is a solid component in an emerging “new medicine.” Traditional Chinese Medicine is completely consistent with the supposed “new” idea in rational science that a person is more of a resonating field than a substance. The Chinese, however, never demanded the scientific proof that is now emerging; they just followed what they knew, from generations of experience, to be effective and real. Acupuncture has helped to needle science into the exploration and confirmation of important new information on the bioelectrical aspect of the human. It has played a significant role in the exciting and rapidly developing frontier of neurotransmitter biochemistry and is a central aspect of a revolutionary new treatment for addictions.

Doctor uses needles for treatment of the patient. acupuncture needles. alternative healthcare

Doctor uses needles for treatment of the patient. acupuncture needles. alternative healthcare

Acupuncture, however, is really just a modality, a tool used by doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine to help the patient. Like surgery, though much less invasive or like medication though less likely to cause side effects, acupuncture has startling implications for the future of medicine. The aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has the potential to truly rock the western world is Qigong. Healing patients without touching them and with no medication, causing anesthesia by just pointing a finger and generating acupuncture like response without needles are well documented effects of Qigong. Many observers have seen Qigong masters light fluorescent tubes with their hands, break massive stones and thick steel bars with their hands and feet and start fires by projecting the Qi. (5,6,7,11,16,22) The implications for the transformational impact of Qigong on western science are profound.

Qigong has captured the imagination and the scientific attention of the world. In China there is a multitude of Qigong research institutes. The need for research in the rigorous scientific method of the West, with control groups and ample statistical methodologies has shifted Qigong research out of the traditional empirical model of the Asian sciences. A flurry of research was presented at the historic First World Conference for the Academic Exchange of Medical Qigong, which was attended by representatives from seventeen countries. In the United States Qigong associations and institutes are proliferating rapidly.

The American Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine is working with Professor William Tiller of Stanford University, in Palo Alto, California, on a collaborative research project exploring bioluminescence, expression of photons from the Qigong practitioner. The Qigong Institute of the East West Academy of the Healing Arts has a research team and a monthly scientific forum. In southern California Qigong Universal is actively supporting the spread of Qigong teachings and the World Research Foundation is collecting Qigong information on its world wide scientific database and in its library. There is even a Qigong Association in Alabama, Chinese National Chi Kung Association, which has an extensive written and video training course and has begun to publish a magazine in collaboration with China Sports Magazine of China that has a major percentage of its content devoted to Qigong.


Most Profound Medicine

by Dr. Roger Jahnke



The Multiplicity






This is about a WONDER DRUG that you can’t buy. BUT, you can make in yourself for FREE!

I am presenting accessible Mind-Body Practices for people in businesses and institutions at a retreat Center in Coast Rica — Blue Spirit. Some are in the beginning and middle of their careers, some retiring, some not retiring but redefining to more meaningful careers. Here is your YOUR ACE FOR STRESS and PRODUCTIVITY.


Numerous participants ask, “What is one best thing we can do to maximize our energy and capacity?”

Produce the WONDER DRUG within!

So — first lets do it and then I will tell you how it works.



3 Simple Steps to produce a WONDER DRUG within FOR FREE:

1. Breath in deeply — fill your lungs, puff out both your belly and your chest.

2. Hold your breath for a bit — count of 3 or more, count of 6 even.

3. Exhale as slowly as possible through your nose.

Repeat this. Sometimes take a few regular breaths in between. Do this once — its super brief. Several times – still brief. OR, do many times – 10, 20. You choose. Its on you to:

1. Notice what you feel – it is subtle but very influential.

2. Decide to do how many and how often.

KEEP GOING WITH THE BREATH and I will tell you how this works. It is a marvel.

The human body and mind, in concert, can produce or repress the production of numerous inner factors – especially neurotransmitters. Adrenaline based neurotransmitters actually depreciate your wellbeing and vitality (oxidation and inflammation). Choline based neurotransmitters enhance your wellbeing (anti inflammatory and anti-oxidative). When you take very full breaths, it triggers the relaxation response which triggers the release of choline based neurotransmitters. This is the WONDER DRUG within.

Are you still taking deep breaths, holding and releasing slowly? If yes, notice what you are feeling! You can feel the shift internally.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAPiAAAAJDI3ZDY4NjQxLWQ5MzMtNDI3Mi04OWI0LThhNmE1Mzg2ZDIxZg This is the mechanism – In your lungs (bronchioles) and the large vessels of the heart (aorta) there are structures called baroceptors and stretch receptors. These are not activated when you breath as usual. But when you breath deep, best to hold for a moment or a few, the stretch and pressure changes in the thoracic region (rib cage) trigger the release of acetylcholine based chemicals — the WONDER DRUG within.

It is subtle, but you will learn to feel it. When you feel it you will love it. As you develop this skill — over time — it will enhance your vitality, reduce the effect of stress, prevent disease and more. Its free! You don’t have to go somewhere to get it. Is that a WONDER DRUG or ……?

Let me know if you want to learn more – or have a look at


As you can imagine any aspiring Jedi who trains constantly and trains others would be inspired to have the opportunity to discuss THE FORCE — THE QI — with the most revered of all the Jedi – Yoda.

I was given that opportunity!

On the planet Degobah, where Yoda trained Luke I was honored to get one burning question answered.  The Qi — The Force — is the essence of life, a power that infuses the entire universe — universal energy. It can be cultivated to empower self and others. Qigong and Tai Chi are, in the Sun/Earth System, the the practices of choice to cultivate the capacity to experience and use THE FORCE!

For more information you might want to check our YouTube Channel – The Tai Chi and Qigong Way:

The Tai Chi And Qigong Way








THE FORCE is a binding, metaphysical and 

ubiquitous power that is everywhere in the Universe.



Yoda Absorbing and Refining THE FORCE



THE FORCE, within and without, infuses One’s Self and the Entire Universe

The Living Force which represents the energies of all living things. These energies weave in to the totality of all FORCE, The

Cosmic Force, that binds the galaxy(s) together. These powers, energies — in living, intelligent, spiritual beings — can be sensed and enhanced through Jedi Training — known on Earth as Qigong. Some have a natural sensitivity to THE FORCE, others are able to cultivate a sensitivity and capacity to sense and use the force.

According to Jedi Masters, the FORCE is accessed by “feeling” — conscious awareness.

Interestingly, practitioners or cultivators of THE FORCE are not invincible or immune to dark or evil influences, especially the emotions associated with anger, fear, loss, jealousy. THE FORCE is energy — like Qi — however, it is sensed, mobilized, utilized through cultivation of consciousness and and being ultra attentive to the emotions.


From the Most Revered of the Jedi Masters:



 “My ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us.”

Jedi Master Yoda

“All energy from the Living Force, from all things that have ever lived,  feeds into the Cosmic Force, binding everything and communicating to us through microscopic, intelligent lifeforms that live within the cells of all living beings.”

Jedi Master Qui–Gon Jinn

“The Force is what gives the Jedi their power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.”

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi


Yoda Reflects on  THE FORCE

Yoda Reflects on the light side of THE FORCE



Would you like to become more energized, balanced and radiantly healthy?

Are you inspired to help others feel more energized, balanced, and radiantly healthy?


When the mind is at peace, the body can better heal itself. Become a Certified Tai Chi Easy™ Practice Leader and learn the secrets and principles of the moving meditation Tai Chi at a beautiful training retreat in Santa Barbara, California!

The Tai Chi Easy™ program consists of 5 Medical Qigong practices from The Healer Within and 5 movements from Yang Tai Chi plus a warm up and a cool down, self-applied massage, breath exercises, and meditation. Tai Chi Easy™ is a carefully developed method and approach to Tai Chi and Qi (Chi) Cultivation based on revered traditional principles and a wide array of benefits.

We have trained absolute beginners as well as experienced Tai Chi Teachers! You can learn this simple practice and become certified to lead others in only 3 days! Tai Chi Easy™ is an evidence based and cost effective health intervention that works to accelerate healing, reduce stress, and support disease prevention.

Listen to podcast here: Tai-Chi-Easy-20151204-JessicaKolbe-GaylHubatch


Healer Within Bu Zheng Qigong Video Library

by DrJahnke on December 11, 2015


The Healer Within Bu Zheng Qigong Video Library is not just a series of videos; it is a thorough instructional and training library.


Translated as Vitality Enhancement Qigong, Bu Zheng is a contemporary form of Qigong with ancient roots that is especially focused on healing medical challenges as well as maximizing and sustaining well-being. The roots of these practices actually go beyond history. Anthropologists claim that humans have acted like humans for as much as 3 million years. Scholars project that Qigong like practices were developed by tribes’ members and shamans over 100,000 years ago.

Bu Zheng Qigong is rooted in this rich history of ancient tribal origins.

Bu means — make strong, enhance
Zheng means — the coherent interrelated functions and systems of the whole self.

Bu Zheng means maximize the integrated, interactive, holistic version of the self —

the whole person, the whole self – at all levels, Spirit–Mind–Body.

That is so powerful!

  • When we are well, Bu Zheng Qigong sustains and enhances — insures — well-being and functional capacity.
  • When we are not well, distressed, uncomfortable, ill, suffering, Bu Zheng Qigong awakens, nourishes and enhances inner healing resources and functions.

Research has demonstrated that Qigong is safe and effective — the ” evidence base.” Dr. Roger Jahnke is the lead author on a review (included in the RESOURCE Section of the Healer Within Qigong Video Library) of the research published by the highly respected American Journal of Health Promotion (AJHP). We can say here that Qigong has been found safe and effective, through rigorous research to be safe and effective for many diseases, as noted above.

No matter what disease risk there is in your family, what diagnosis you may have, what medication you take, what surgeries you have had, what doctor you are seeing, it is always reasonable to take better care of ourselves. Bu Zheng Qigong — Vitality Enhancement Qigong — is specifically designed for all beings — sick or well.

Learn More About This Exciting Video Program



Energizing the Organs

by DrJahnke on December 3, 2015

Energizing the Organs is typical to all Medical Qigong, and directly linked to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. Energizing the Organs directs Qi and intention to strengthen key organs related to cancer — Liver, Kidney, Spleen; it calms the Heart, deepens breath and Lung function and soothes the nervous system.

Place the hands over the lower edge of the ribs, near the front side of the body. Beneath the right hand is the liver, the gall bladder, and the upper right hand portion of the large intestines. Beneath the left hand are the spleen, the pancreas, the stomach, and upper left hand portion of the large intestines. Rub the open palm against the surface of the body in a circular motion. Eventually you will begin to feel warmth or perhaps a tingly sensation.

Energizing Organs

Then hold your hands still and feel the warmth penetrating the surface of the body and mi- grating to the organs. Allow your breath to be full and luxurious. Think a moment about how these organs have faithfully served you for your entire life. Imagine sending your gratitude to them on your exhalation. Move your hands so that one is over the sternum and the other is over the navel. Again rub in a circular motion and build up warmth. Stop and hold the hands still, sensing the warmth and gratitude to the heart, lungs, thymus gland. Take your time.

Finally allow your hands to move to the lower back. Build up warmth by rubbing the hands up the back. Allow the inner benefit of your smile of appreciation to travel to the kidneys and the adrenals, considered in Chinese medicine to be the dwelling place of essential life energies. Imagine their delight at having received your gratitude and acknowledgement after all of these years. Complete by bringing both hands to the front, to rest on the belly just below the navel. Remain for a moment longer in a state of deep rest. Allow the mind to be free.



Massaging the Face

by DrJahnke on November 30, 2015

There are many energy points on the face and around the eyes. These points are associated through the energy channels to the stomach, spleen, large intestine, lungs, small intestine, heart, bladder, kidney and endocrine system. These acupuncture points can be treated with self-massage. The direct benefit is a healthy face and eyes; the indirect benefit includes healthy organs and metabolism. Keeping the internal organs healthy keeps the face and eyes radiant; keeping the face and eyes healthy contributes to sustaining health in the organs.

The massage of the face and the eyes can be combined. Begin by working on the face points. You can tap the points sharply with the tip of your index or second finger. Or you may wish to give some gentle pressure with a circular motion, using two or three extended fingers held together. Notice that the tapping provides a bit more rousing sensation. After a session of facial massage you will feel a tingling that actually affects the organs as well as the facial area.


– Dr. Roger Jahnke

The Healer Within