A Qigong Poem for Friends in Qi –Cosmologic and Love

by DrJahnke on December 3, 2017

This is a ramble in appreciation of those who cultivate — the deep Qigong Community — who share cultivation values. It was composed over some years to share what I sense is some of how QiLove presences as we deepen our sense of the real. Its a Qigong Re-Birth-Day Poem too.


May you flourish and experience sustainable ease within The Relativity!

In the super galaxies of the multiverse,

what is the calculation,

within dimensionality,

for the likelihood of anything?

Especially, with any two organisms,

that are like bodies around a shared sun,

 orbiting in spirals of proximity.

And then, even,

to be able to agreement.

Sometimes we purposefully conspire.

We are from beyond space and time,

yet live within space and time.

How does that,

which possesses no ultimate determinants

or coordinates

relative to the mystery of the whole,

determine anything?

And yet — we determine constantly or appear to.

And, even more intriguingly,

what is the calculation from beyond dimensionality

for creating these apparent dimensions,

that we occupy or apparently occupy?

How is there ever a where?

And, how does anyone meet anyone

and how have we met?

What is a why?

What is a how?

Certainly, the chances of being dimensional and then actually meeting are — WOW — incalculable?

That is extraordinary —

whatever ordinary actually is.

And, are we ever not together

—- in the supreme unification?

So, how —

through all that is and is not actual,

did you get here,

and how did I,

and how is it that we have certain shared insights,

and how is it that we have these opportunities to be engaged and creative and reach conclusions and appreciate?

What is How-ism?

Impossible to declare!

So, declare this, then, I will….

Among all that approach and pass

and all that go along,

faster or slower or even paced,

and among all that seem similar and those less so,

and among all that seem like wizards and saints

and as well

transgressors and usurers,

and among even those who are inclined to face a Sun somewhere beyond all suns,

you are among the most interesting and arresting and magnetic,

and I re-celebrate your arrival,

again today,

a ReBirth,

as your signature galactic body crosses the horizon

of this, our home,

and as the divining tools reveal

what you already knew

that you did not know.

There is a suffering, a calling, an opening, a resonance, a luminescence.

We push toward its frequency irrevocably,

its gravity pulls us in reverence and coherence,

into actions that seem worthy.

So, we tonify as best we can,

cultivate resilience

and continue forthrightly,

sensing that even the mundane is fantastical,

and taking especial refuge with those who laugh when we laugh.

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