Massaging the Face

by DrJahnke on November 30, 2015

There are many energy points on the face and around the eyes. These points are associated through the energy channels to the stomach, spleen, large intestine, lungs, small intestine, heart, bladder, kidney and endocrine system. These acupuncture points can be treated with self-massage. The direct benefit is a healthy face and eyes; the indirect benefit includes healthy organs and metabolism. Keeping the internal organs healthy keeps the face and eyes radiant; keeping the face and eyes healthy contributes to sustaining health in the organs.

The massage of the face and the eyes can be combined. Begin by working on the face points. You can tap the points sharply with the tip of your index or second finger. Or you may wish to give some gentle pressure with a circular motion, using two or three extended fingers held together. Notice that the tapping provides a bit more rousing sensation. After a session of facial massage you will feel a tingling that actually affects the organs as well as the facial area.


– Dr. Roger Jahnke

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