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by DrJahnke on November 25, 2012

At the heart of our MIND BODY PRACTICE — there is a portal to the profound.

Quantum Information = QI

These 2012 Nobel Prize winners in physics are unraveling the mystery of what we reference as Wuji (Primordial Qigong) in the realm of Qigong and Tai Chi.

You really must have a look at this article.


“at the heart of quantum physics …. our everyday assumptions about reality are no more than illusions….. things at the subatomic level can be literally two places at once….they can be two things at once.” This is known as “superposition”.

OK, fasten your safety belts. Check out the implications. How is it that we actualize this realm which is apparently only apparent?
Teleportation - Possible w/o Technology?

Teleportation - Possible w/o Technology?

One disappointment in the NY Times article – the writer believes that this all leads only to a technological revolution. According to the ancients, however,  and in the experience of those who cultivate personal Quantum identity through Qigong and other forms of neo-shamanism, the capacity to move about in the timeless, boundless realm is within reach with no technology and for no cost. It is linked to Daoist Alchemy and what is traditionally referred to as Immortality.

From the article: “Quantum teleportation — Based on experiments going on today with simple quantum systems, it is at least a theoretical possibility that one day objects could be reconstituted — beamed — across a space without ever crossing the distance.”
Think of it this way – if we are going to destroy our planet, we will want this capacity to “beam” to distant locations. However, if we cultivate personal Quantum identity, we will likely develop the capacity to use QI (Quantum information) to accomplish the key requirements of salvaging our planet (idealist speaking here).
In all cases, the use of deep the states of present moment focus cultivated in Qigong, may be associated with Quantum information, the development of Quantum identity and the penetration of the mysteries of our lives.

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