Heaven in Earth — Primordial Qigong #3 – Wuji Gong – Alchemy – The Practice

by DrJahnke on June 19, 2013


How is it possible that a form can reflect the forrmless?

Can a form be utilized to access or even create a “portal” to the aspect of oneself that can not be harmed, is invincible, incorruptible, eternally well, can not get sick and can not die?


The answers are — usually, no a form can not be the formless. However, in that domain where the manifest (solid, substantial, particular) is, shall we say, less present or even less relevant, the formless is present within form and form is present with the formless.

WUJI PORTAL - Vortexing counter-spiral time neutralization practice

WUJI PORTAL                                                      Vortexing Counter-Spiral Time Neutralization Practice

Sounds cool but………..can we experiemce this somehow?

Yes, there are two approaches where in the embodied self can experience the disembodied — or the manifest self can experience the unmanifest.

1 – Spontaneous Qigong – Riding the Dragon, Dissolving into Light, Trance Dancing, Qi Rave

2 – Wuji Gong- Primordial Qigong – a Qigong form from Wudang Mountain, based in a time reversal counterspiral motion.

Yes, it is exciting, very exciting. To contact the immortal within, the eternal self — such a force for generating trust, healing, fearlessness and personal power.

In Primordial Qigong, we open the Portal to the Eternal with the Wuji Gong form – a method applied in the domain of form to support us in reaching a relationship with the formless eternal nature. This accomplished through the Vortexing Counter Spiral Time Neutralization Practice. In this video we explore a little about the Wuji Gong Form.



Sincerely, in that ONEness/Truth/Unity.


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