Heaven in Earth — Primordial Qigong #2 – Wuji – Alchemy – The Relevance of Primordial?

by DrJahnke on June 20, 2013

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According to the deepest view of the ancients in China — in the pre-dynastic era, long before writing, the era of original Dao and shamanic wisdom — the most rarified aspect of our being is irrevocably well and an expression of the pure creative power of the universe.

Whoa! That is so remarkable, so eloquent! Read that again.


What if the wellness, healing, wisdom, power and peace, that we long for, is within us? Would that mean that it is simply unrealized — that it is not yet made real?

That is such a refreshing  and provocative insight. How can we cultivate a natural, inherent wellness  to make it real – to real-ize it? How do we use our real eyes?

This concept in Chinese wisdom arose originally long, long before the Buddhists arrived in China – even before what is known as Dao culture, into the era of the shamanic. Many say that we — the humans — have forgotten much. Why would we forget something so important? The distraction of contemporary life, the neglect of inner observation? Lets discuss that at some point.

For now — would this mean, then, that healing capacity and natural empowerment already exist within us? Could it be that we don’t have to go somewhere — reaching out, traveling, longing to find something profound yet elusive — that shines brilliantly offering great promise out there in the world somewhere? Is it possible that we can simply reveal and even enjoy the natural health and richness already present — but perhaps obscured — within our own being? According to the theory and practice of Primordial Qigong, the aspect of self that cannot be harmed, can not be sick and can never die is accessible.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to spend time with people who share an interest in this!?!



In alchemy, the sacred element gold is produced by transforming (transmuting) ordinary elements and lesser metals (typically soil – earth, rocks and other less refined matter called dross) to reveal the gold that is inherent in any substance or being. As applied to humans, alchemy is the provocative process (not painful or scary) of revealing and vigilantly refining the very essence of our own being, which has been present within us all along – the primordial or original nature that resides within every individual.

This aspect, as it is revealed and refined, is referred to as the golden elixir of longevity and immortality — meaning the  incredible healing medicine produced naturally within our original essence which is eternal. This elixir is not a medicine that we must seek, find, purchase — we already have it for no cost. It is a profound natural medicine that is refined within the field of our own being when we allow or purposefully create the necessary atmosphere and situation which accords with the coherence of the Spirit, Mind and Body.

In this context healing or realization of power or the fulfillment of highest potential are all a process of:

— inner revelation (revealed through experience — gotta do it),

— refinement (focused intent through practice), and

— realization (making real).



This is not a search for something somewhere – doctors office, pharmacy, psychiatrist, coach, psychotherapist, healer, guru, cave in the mountains, illusive promise of enterprising promisers — it is a recovery of something present within that can never be lost, only misplaced. It is the natural presence of our essence that has existed from before the birth of the Universe.

Wuji – Primordial — Qigong is the act of, the practice of, accessing the original well, peaceful, fully empowered self. As you can imagine, if you haven’t had this experience, when you do it will will make a huge difference in your understanding of who you are and how you feel. WUJI – Primordial – QIGONG — how to touch the presence of our eternal self before we die, how to have a real experience of the aspect of our self that is eternally safe.

Kindly have a look at the Primordial #3 article. It discusses how we can use a Qigong form to bring ourselves into radical association with the experience of our Primordial Nature in the body we have today!


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