Spring Equinox – Seasons, Equinoxes, Solstices, CrossQuarter Days — Portal to Primordial

by DrJahnke on March 19, 2012


Tai Chi Tu, 4 Seasons, 8 Primordial Forces, 8 Directions, Ba Gua

Tai Chi Tu 4 Seasons, 8 Primordial Forces, 8 Directions, Ba Gua

Do seasons link us to the Celestial more than we know? Is the Spring Equinox the beginning of the spring? OR, is it the middle of the season?

Is there some sort of “portal” to the beyond – beyond the known world – that can be accessed through cultivating a more attentive relationship with the seasons?

I feel, and this is a personal view, the answer is a definitive “YES!” It is now over 40 years since my first Tai Chi Class.

I would add, not only is attention to the seasons a way to open a portal to a more significant relationship with the Cosmos or Celestial Domain, that the very same cultivation opens a further portal to an association with the timeless and boundless Primordial ONE — The Dao.

Compelling — isn’t it?

In Qigong, Tai Chi, Alchemy and meditation there is the profound potential to attend to and celebrate the seasons and their natural powers, AND, a natural access point/portal to both the Cosmos and the ineffable Dao.

Ba Gua - Eight Primordial Forces

BA GUA Eight Primordial Forces

Primordial Forces - Cosmic Coin - Round = Whole Universe, Square Center Hole = 4 Directions of Earth, 8 Trigrams = 8 Primordial Forces

8 PRIMORDIAL FORCES Cosmic Coin - Round = Whole Universe, Square Center Hole = 4 Directions of Earth, 8 Trigrams = 8 Primordial Forces

The “secret code”, which is no secret, is contained in the Tai Chi Diagram (Tai Chi Tu) and it even appears on the money of the ancient Asian marketplace. The first image above (Tai Chi Tu PLUS 8 Primordial Forces) reveals the seasons, the directions and the powers of the eight segments of the year — and the world. This is referenced as the Ba Gua or 8 Primordial Forces. Every version of the Tai Chi Tu, is a “secret code” that is not so secret. So, it is a reminder of the portal to our cosmic connection and beyond, to our connection with Dao.

The Equinoxes and Solstices remind us of the amazing promise of our deeper nature. The equinoxes and solstices are associated with the middle of the season (dead of winter-December 21st-22nd, blossoming of spring – March 21st-22nd, heat of summer – June 21st-22nd, harvest of fall – September 21st-22nd).

QUIZ:                                                                                                                                                                                                      In the first diagram above, can you guess why there are nine numbers and where the #5 is hidden? Share a comment/response below – just for fun.

Below is another diagram which is a very comprehensive “key” to the portal to the essence of nature — to our personal cosmic connection. There are 24 solar segments or solar terms.

For those who are supremely devoted to cultivation of the essence within and opening the cosmic portal continuously, every event in everyday is a portal – moment to moment. For those who are a little less consumed in cultivation, there are 24 days (24 Solar Terms) to focus on opening the portal as noted in this diagram – this Tai Chi Tu (Taijitu). For those who are busy with other things, it is reasonable to set aside one day of each of the 12 months to open the portal.

PRIMORDIAL FORCES INFUSE EARTH 4 Seasons, 24 Solar Periods, 8 Segments of Ba Gua

PRIMORDIAL FORCES INFUSE EARTH 4 Seasons, 24 Solar Periods, 8 Segments of Ba Gua

For those who love the 8 Primordial Forces and the 8 Segments of the Solar Cycle, it is common to enhance attention and intention on the 8 Seasonal segments associated with the Ba Gu (Bagua) including the cross quarter days (Ground Hogs Day; May Day; Early Harvest Day and Labor Day; Feast of All Saints, Halloween and Day of the Dead). For those who love to cultivate but are limited in their time or capacity to focus, it is the most popular and common to raise intent and celebrate nature on the 4 days of the mid seasons – Equinoxes and Solstices.

For this Spring Equinox, when the the length of the day and the night are equal (equi-), will you turn your attention to that portal? Might you be considering increasing your cultivation to the 8 key seasonal days — the Ba Gua – or even to the 24 days that mark the Solar Terms? OR — are you possibly considering the potential that might emerge with moment to moment cultivation that, according to the ancient wizards and sages, holds the cosmic portal open permanently?

The great sage Lao Zi (Lao Tze) suggests:

To merge directly with your cosmic origin,
trace back through the manifestations – the 10,000 things.
When you recognize the children – the current events
and then find the mother – the source,
you will be free from sorrow and judgment.

Should you overwhelm and complicate your heart-mind
with complexity and consideration,
you may be troubled, restless.

When you rest in understanding the true nature of nature,
allowing for that which naturally arises,
you will find peace.

Surrendering to the darkness
that complements light
creates clarity and harmony – Tai Chi.
Knowing the power of yielding – relaxing – is strength.

Cultivate your own inner light,
return to the source of all light.
This is called practicing Eternity – cultivating Primordial.





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