Happy New Year – I Ching Regarding our Water Dragon Ride – #3

by DrJahnke on January 21, 2012


Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi Fa Cai (Mandarin)
Gong Hey Fat Choy (Cantonese)

It is the Year of the Water Dragon Year!
For more insights read blogs 1/4/12 and 1/14/12.
If you are just interested in the I Ching reflection for the Water Dragon Year, please  scroll down below.

All humans love a celebration, all humans love the mystique of the transcendental and the mysterious.

The Asian societies that gave birth to Qigong and Tai Chi, especially love to celebrate cosmic/celestial events. New Year is based on the Moon and the Lunar Phases.

Is it more or less enlightened to celebrate the beginning of a new moon cycle than to celebrate the beginning of the tax year? Personally, I think it is more, but then I am a lover of nature. Nearly 20% of the earths inhabitants celebrate the Asian Festival of Spring. Any native or indigenous community is biased to the Lunar New Year. Keep in mind that March 22, the Spring Equinox, is not the beginning of spring. It is the middle of spring. Interesting!

Cloud Dragon

Cloud Dragon

The new moon of the Chinese Lunar New Year marks New Years day – in 2012, Monday January 23. The New Year Spring Festival celebration lasts until the full moon on February 7. This Dragon Year goes from 1/23/2012 – 2/9/2013.

Given the Dragon is a mythological creature, its implications are extraordinary, fantastic, other worldly.

The Chinese Lunar calendar year — 4710th year of the Yellow Emperor, inexactly parallels the Roman calendar year 2012. It is the Year of the Water Dragon. 2000 was the last Dragon year, associated with the element metal — Golden Dragon. It was the founding date of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC). Now, in 2012, the element is water – the Year of the Water Dragon — and the IIQTC is completing the ride of its first Dragon cycle of 12 years. Much amazing and incredible progress has been made, many have been empowered.

Our new Water Dragon symbolizes extraordinary power, creativity, action, energy, leadership, vitality. Think of 2012 as occurring in the realm of Dragons where boundlessness, timelessness, power and extra normal possibilities are common. 

Two Dragons with the Pearl Elixir

Two Dragons with the Pearl Elixir

A Dragon Year is a power year for you personally and for humanity. This is especially true now, due to the radical social, political, conscious, scientific and spiritual transformations that have been occurring. We are deep enough into the 21st century of the Common Era that new, huge, trans-national shifts are in process. It is likely that the Dragon and the element of Water will bring good fortune to most of the planet’s inhabitants.

In general, though we cannot expect total peace in 2012. We can, however, expect less violence and struggle than over the previous years. May this be so! May it be the year of world wide acknowledgement of the power of self-determination. Remember that riding a Water Dragon means gaining the capacity to breathe in water, meaning to remain comfortable in unfamiliar territory.

So, here is my personal bias:
This is going to be a very positive year. I do have a natural personal positive feeling about the Dragon, and the Dragon aspect of the 12 year cycle of the Chinese worldview. So to be sure I am not just expressing my personal preference, I took the time to consult the I Ching (Yi Jing) for another view, with this inquiry: “What might we expect from this Water Dragon Year?”

The result was very inspiring!


Hexagram # 1 - Creative Pow

Creative Power

#1 Creative Power which evolves to become (or has the influence of generating) #37 The Family. You could not ask for a more positive reflection of the coming year. I asked this for all humanity as well as for the professional community of our IIQTC graduates. My interpretation is also somewhat biased of course. Getting from where we are today to the results of this I Ching reading could easily require some discipline or new habits or surrendering of inappropriate assumptions or some really hard work.

Hexagram #37 - The Family

The Family

Creative Power is the pure Yang power of the natural creativity of the cosmos. So, we are tapping that energy. That is immense blessing. That blessing energy influences energies and things to create the atmosphere of The Family. This, in the I Ching, is not the typical dysfunctional family, but instead the archetypal rural Chinese tribal family and community of collaboration and honoring of the cycles of the seasons. The implications of these I Ching impressions, match inspiringly with the energy of the Water Dragon.

This all rests on the fact that we will cultivate the Dragon within. The Water Dragon is not out there. In fact, in the most highly regarded views of the ancients, there is nothing out there. Cultivate the Dragon within — trust, focused work, empathic communication, courage, creativity.



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