Yang-Sheng Honors The Healer Within

by DrJahnke on January 9, 2012

The most recent issue of Yang-Sheng, one of several excellent web based journals, has honored The Healer Within. The Healer Within is, foremost, the natural self-healing capacity of the human system and its inherent ability to produce the most profound medicine for no cost = FREE! This is one of the most under reported miracles in the history of human life. The Healer Within is also my first book on Qigong from Harper-Collins. Qigong, the amazing self-healing and Qi cultivation practice from Chinese pre-history, has powerful contemporary applications. Thank You Yang Sheng for your acknowledgement! May many be empowered!

Have a look at the “Flip Book” version by going to this site, look for the click for the flipbook in the upper right corner of the page:


Yang-Sheng Journal - Nurturing Life

Yang-Sheng Journal - Nurturing Life

The Healer Within, referencing the natural phenomena of inherent human self-healing capacity, is the solution to every kind of human problem – not just in health care and medicine. 75 -85% of disease is preventable (depending on the source). So mobilizing the healer within should be an international priority. Oddly, policy makers do not discuss this. In addition, when people are well and aware of their inherent power, other problems — drug abuse, family violence, lagging personal initiative, self-esteem — all improve too.

They say there is no panacea. This not true! Mobilizing the healer within creates some level of functional improvement – Spirit-Mind-Body — in every practitioner.

The Healer Within, referencing the Qigong, self-care, wellness practices in the book, is based on a very accessible form of Medical Qigong known as Bu Zhen Qigong. Bu Zhen means — to strengthen (Bu) the most right functioning natural self (Zhen). These practices are also translated to English as Vitality Enhancement Method. The intent is not so much to attack the disease, more it is to maximize the natural functional capacity. This is the natural ability to cultivate wellbeing through sustainable high level functionality. It is the birthright of all humans. Yet, it is a kind of secret that we keep from ourselves.

The Qigong practices in The Healer Within fall very clearly into what we call — in the Instructor/Teacher Training Curriculum of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC) — the Four Baskets of Practice:

• Body – movement an posture,
• Breath,
• Self-applied massage,
• Meditation/visualization

The Healer Within is used by wellness and health promotion programs throughout the US and is translated into a number of foreign languages.

Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen

Rebecca Kali

Rebecca Kali

Yang-Sheng means, in Chinese, Nourishing Life. Yang-Sheng is a body of knowledge, wisdom and practice that includes mind-body practice, nutrition, stress mastery that has descended from Chinese shamanism and China’s traditions of spiritual, psychological, social and personal refinement Daoism (Taoism), Buddhism and Confucianism. Kevin Chen a long time friend of the cultivation arts of Qigong and Tai Chi is the master editor and publisher and the this issue’s editor is Rebecca Kali. The issue is loaded with articles by many of the contemporary luminaries of Qigong and natural healing.

There are a number of other excellent journals that I will reference in coming posts.


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