Water Dragon New Year – #2 Reflection

by DrJahnke on January 14, 2012

Think of it, the Chinese Dragon is the only mythical animal in the Chinese animal symbology associated with the cosmology of months and years. The Dragon is not mundane, the Dragon is profound. While the Phoenix is also mythological power animal in Asia, it is not included among the calendar signs.

Water Dragon

Water Dragon

This exclusive position suggests that the Dragon month of each year and the Dragon year of each 12 year cycle is represented by a powerful mythological force (animal) that is not an earthly, actual animal – but a force (Qi) that transcends the earthly realm. The Dragon – dragon animal, dragon month and dragon year — is suggestive of invisible power and mystery. To the ancients, invisible power and mystery were exciting and inspiring yet difficult to understand through common logic. Many in contemporary culture find invisible power and mystery scary rather than inspiring. This year could be scary for some. It depends on how prepared we are to Ride the Dragon. And, it is a Water Year and in Chinese medicine and philosophy water is associated both with wisdom (the positive trait) and with fear (the negative trait).

It is a perfect year to cultivate (Qigong) a sense of wisdom to replace habitual trepidation – anxiety. The courage to be wise about the nature of things is always useful. A Water Dragon Year, is a perfect time to cultivate fearlessness – if you are inclined. You already know that some discipline is required. Haven’t you noticed that worrying about things doesn’t change them? Haven’t you also noticed that relaxing no matter what is happening is preferable to not relaxing? That is a nice easy view of the difference between wisdom and fear that we can all understand petty well. The question is, do we have the courage to sustain the discipline and take on a new way of living? No better time than this year!

In the experience of our eternal lives, the time between death and birth is the BIG mystery. In the animal symbology, the Dragon represents the universal power beyond that which is known – the mystery. In a way the Year of the Dragon is like a year when the cosmic influences are exceptionally high. The highest aspect of what we know is the spiritual. The year represented by the Dragon, among the 12 animals of the 12 year cycle, is easily associated with increased spiritual energy.  In a way, the Year of the Dragon, is the one year in every 12 where the earthly realm stops. We have an opportunity to experience a portal to the trans-earthly realm of the Dragon – the mystery.


Chinese Calligraphy for Peace

Chinese Calligraphy for Peace

It could be the year that peace breaks out or the year that marks even greater movement toward the liberation of humans from false assumptions. After all the absence of peace, health or food is not due to a lack of them, it is a tragic lack of human understanding that creates the apparent lack. A natural presence of peace and health and food already exists, we just aren’t evolved enough to understand. OR, this could be simply a good and wonderful year. In general a Dragon Year might easily be a year of sudden change and could even be a year of unusual, unlikely, mysterious events. This can all occur personally or, alternatively, have implications for the whole of the human race.

It is a time of miracles — events that we can not understand using common perception. It is interesting that the Mayan calendar “ends” in 2012 and that the Chinese calendar has this year of other-worldliness, where the known world is in the aura of pure msytery. It is fairly obvious, in energetic terms, that the Dragon Year — 2012 — will be a very powerful time.

Think on this. What do you sense or know about the Water Dragon?

We will post again on the our amazing coming Water Dragon Year!

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