Here Comes Water Dragon

by DrJahnke on January 4, 2012

Chinese Water Dragon

Chinese Water Dragon

The Chinese New Year, a week of celebration, commences on January 23rd. It is not too soon to turn your attention to this.

It is the Year of the Dragon — Water Dragon.

As with our western world association with the sun and moon, the Chinese revere the system of 12 months, though differently that we — based on stars, planets, sun and moon.

The Chinese view has not only a cycle of 12 – 30 day periods totaling 12 months for the year, they also honor a cycle of 12 years associated with the 12 major constellations thus  2000 was a Dragon Year, now 2012 is a Dragon Year.

Think on this a bit and we will talk about it some more as we approach the Lunar New Year celebration of the Water Dragon. The implications for the year are quite auspicious. The Dragon represents spirit, possibility, mystery, intuition, miracles, transcendence, immortality.

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