What are we? – Primordial Energetics

by DrJahnke on May 4, 2016

What are we?

Think of it this way, we are only one part substance while we are probably, at minimum, 4 parts non-substance. This means that the senses we use to determine “what we are” and what we are experiencing are only detecting one of our 5 parts while the senses that we use to determine what we are experiencing are actually unable to detect 4 of our parts.

Primordial Energetics

The aspects of our being include:

The body — detectable and objectively measureable.
Consciousness — mind, emotions, intellect — not yet quantifiably detectable except as impressions.
Local energy — ions, magnetic field — detectable but not easily, can be felt however, but not objectively measured.
Non-local subtle energy — quantum — not detectable, has no dimensionality. Are quanta able to be quantified?
Spirit — which is not detectable, physical or measurable.

In other words, only 1 of 5 aspects of our being can be detected and measured, while 4 of 5 are, for research and proof purposed, immeasurable.

The implications of this are that the only way we can know ourselves is to get comfortable with the fact that radical attentiveness; inner observation and direct experience are the superior pathways to self-knowing and healing.

Energy Body

This is actually, still, quite naïve. In fact those who understand these things well actually articulate that we can’t even say that there are these 5 dimensions, because ultimately there are no dimensions and nothing particular at all anywhere because there is no matter and there is no where. Nothing matters = that which matters the most is no thing or not a thing.

Nothing “matters”?

Nothing matters = that which matters the most is”no thing” or not a thing. 
No where = now here! 
How do we get a “here” —when there is none? 
AHHHH! The Mystery!

Primordial Energetics

You are not just matter; you are energy.


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