Wonder Drug – The body Makes a Medicine (a drug) to Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity and Prevent Disease – – HERE’S HOW YOU CAN DO IT!

by DrJahnke on January 15, 2016

The Multiplicity






This is about a WONDER DRUG that you can’t buy. BUT, you can make in yourself for FREE!

I am presenting accessible Mind-Body Practices for people in businesses and institutions at a retreat Center in Coast Rica — Blue Spirit. Some are in the beginning and middle of their careers, some retiring, some not retiring but redefining to more meaningful careers. Here is your YOUR ACE FOR STRESS and PRODUCTIVITY.


Numerous participants ask, “What is one best thing we can do to maximize our energy and capacity?”

Produce the WONDER DRUG within!

So — first lets do it and then I will tell you how it works.



3 Simple Steps to produce a WONDER DRUG within FOR FREE:

1. Breath in deeply — fill your lungs, puff out both your belly and your chest.

2. Hold your breath for a bit — count of 3 or more, count of 6 even.

3. Exhale as slowly as possible through your nose.

Repeat this. Sometimes take a few regular breaths in between. Do this once — its super brief. Several times – still brief. OR, do many times – 10, 20. You choose. Its on you to:

1. Notice what you feel – it is subtle but very influential.

2. Decide to do how many and how often.

KEEP GOING WITH THE BREATH and I will tell you how this works. It is a marvel.

The human body and mind, in concert, can produce or repress the production of numerous inner factors – especially neurotransmitters. Adrenaline based neurotransmitters actually depreciate your wellbeing and vitality (oxidation and inflammation). Choline based neurotransmitters enhance your wellbeing (anti inflammatory and anti-oxidative). When you take very full breaths, it triggers the relaxation response which triggers the release of choline based neurotransmitters. This is the WONDER DRUG within.

Are you still taking deep breaths, holding and releasing slowly? If yes, notice what you are feeling! You can feel the shift internally.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAPiAAAAJDI3ZDY4NjQxLWQ5MzMtNDI3Mi04OWI0LThhNmE1Mzg2ZDIxZg This is the mechanism – In your lungs (bronchioles) and the large vessels of the heart (aorta) there are structures called baroceptors and stretch receptors. These are not activated when you breath as usual. But when you breath deep, best to hold for a moment or a few, the stretch and pressure changes in the thoracic region (rib cage) trigger the release of acetylcholine based chemicals — the WONDER DRUG within.

It is subtle, but you will learn to feel it. When you feel it you will love it. As you develop this skill — over time — it will enhance your vitality, reduce the effect of stress, prevent disease and more. Its free! You don’t have to go somewhere to get it. Is that a WONDER DRUG or ……?

Let me know if you want to learn more – DrJahnke@HealthAction.net or have a look at http://HealthAction.net

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