THE FORCE — The Tai Chi Force – Master Jedi Yoda Inspires Dr Jahnke on the Ultimate Meaning of the Qi

by DrJahnke on December 25, 2015

As you can imagine any aspiring Jedi who trains constantly and trains others would be inspired to have the opportunity to discuss THE FORCE — THE QI — with the most revered of all the Jedi – Yoda.

I was given that opportunity!

On the planet Degobah, where Yoda trained Luke I was honored to get one burning question answered.  The Qi — The Force — is the essence of life, a power that infuses the entire universe — universal energy. It can be cultivated to empower self and others. Qigong and Tai Chi are, in the Sun/Earth System, the the practices of choice to cultivate the capacity to experience and use THE FORCE!

For more information you might want to check our YouTube Channel – The Tai Chi and Qigong Way:

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