What Can Be Done? The Peach Immortal

by DrJahnke on April 11, 2013

Being involved for nearly 40 years as a practitioner of martial arts, Taiji, Qigong — practicing Chinese medicine clinically, growing and consuming vitalizing herbs, traveling to China 9 times — all have been immensely rewarding. There is a significant resonance of celebration and yet there is also significant remorse. Perhaps you can imagine – as the number of very special relationships in the community of the cultivation arts and with IIQTC Colleagues grows, the time to devote to anything particular shrinks.

More of these amazing connections leads to a dilution of all these connections.
This, necessarily, leads to a need for ways to get things done that are ethical and orderly.
This, then, leads to a need for greater magnitude of management and support.
This, in turn, leads directly to neglect — neglect of self and neglect of my relationships with others.

Taiji WomenAnd yet, it also leads to greater credibility for the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (The IIQTC) and for Tai Chi and Qigong in America and the world.
This compelling!

It is a process with a destiny of its own — it can leave us feeling both gratified and embarrassed.
To be true, which is the foundation of being a True Person (Zhen Ren), we are called to be extraordinarily attentive.
Self-observation is the root of cultivation and insight.

As activists, typically, we must involve.
As advocates of personal liberation, we are called to evolve.
As caring activists, warriors for the good, it is not that easy to extract oneself from process, from engagement.

Taiji Water FireThrough all of it, oddly, there is no real evidence that the human race is evolving ethically or in relation to what we would call virtue.

Certainly there is virtue!
And there are virtuous human beings.
Yet, the magnitude of the absence of virtue is at least as high now as it was then — in any historic time.



I am noticing — I am not that happy about it, but also — not that unhappy about it.

It is a Tai Chi – a balanced, mutually supportive interaction of seemingly opposing forces.


The Peach Immortal The Peach Immortal There is mythology of the presence in our world of great immortals. In China, there are 8 archetypal immortals.
Of the 8 Immortals I personally revere the elder who carries a very large peach.

They say it is the peach of immortality – a peach that contains within it the golden elixir of eternality.
Immortals do not live forever, they are eternally associated with the aspect of their own being that can not be harmed and does not die.

Two years ago I planted some fruit trees, one a peach.
It is flourishing.

Peach of ImmortalityLately, I find myself more determined to grow a huge peach than to do any other thing.
Next to that, I am inclined to compose flute tunes to evoke the longing to practice more deeply.
Under these, is the ground — family.
The nourishment — my commitment to love.

The path of cultivation is much more compelling than the path of solving something — or even anything.



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