Tai Chi Easy — The Movie

by DrJahnke on January 1, 2014

Hoping you have seen the article on Tai Chi Easy. If not take a peek here:

Tai Chi Easy: The Movie –

We are always working on video material — here are three brief and informative movies about Tai Chi Easy (TCE) and becoming a TCE Practice Leader. It is a very powerful personal experience and it sets you up to grow personally while you also, potentially, generate livelihood AND make major contributions to your community.

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THIS VIDEO IS FROM A POWERFUL PRACTICE LEADER TRAINING AT THE ESALEN INSTITUTE – There are Practice Leader Trainings throughout the US on an annual basis. Contact us at the IIQTC for information.

THIS VIDEO IS FROM AN AMAZING TRAINING WE DID IN NEBRASKA – it is one of those completely false assumptions that all the important activity in health care transformation is happening on the east and west coasts.

THIS VIDEO IS FROM SOME OF THE PRACTICE LEADERS IN TRAINING — The IIQTC has trained 300 Tai Chi Easy Teachers and 600 Tai Chi Easy Practice Leaders who work in communities throughout the USA and internationally:


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